Frequently Asked Questions

How is FlashWOD free?
A core product-feature of FlashWOD is the "open" community. In order to achieve this feature, it had to be free. As with all "free" apps and platforms, our plan is to eventually integrate sponsorships and advertising as well as a premium offering that will be subscription-based. Right now, our focus is on adoption and making the product as good as can be. Once that happens, we will start to integrate sponsored advertising. We will NEVER sell or share our users' or affiliates' information with outside parties.

How long has FlashWOD been around for?
FlashWOD was founded in early 2013. It is privately backed by Dream Sun Ltd. and will be around for a long time. If you or anyone you know is interested in investment opportunities, They can email our founder directly at

Are you going to be releasing new features?
YES! Our product and development team is constantly evaluating and building new features to be added. We are constantly looking at how our users are using using the site and we are always eager for feedback. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send them to

Are you going to sell my information to somebody else?
NEVER! We only collect information to give a rich experience for our users. Our privacy statement explicitly states that we will never sell or share your information.

Is everything I post going to be public?
Right now, yes. One of the future enhancements we will be integrating is privacy settings so that you can control who sees what you post.

How come I can only log in with a Facebook account?
It is very important to us that our content be as authentic and genuine as possible. This starts by ensuring that people are who they say they are. Facebook utilizes extensive resources to ensure that their users are genuine and their platform is built for exactly this kind of use.

How do I set up my Crossfit affiliate with a FlashWOD account?
If your affiliate is registered with Crossfit HQ, our system will automatically load it within a matter of days.

How do I "claim" my affiliate if it doesn't have the Facebook page set up?
For special inquiries about claiming your affiliate, please email

I am not an official Crossfit affiliate. Can I set up a profile for my gym/coaching program?
At the moment, no. FlashWOD is built to be a tool specifically for the Crossfit community. However, you are welcome to create workouts using your personal account.